Maddie Spielman On WTVN

By: Susan Owens, 09/24/2015

With flair and grace, this morning, Maddie Spielman gave her perspective on  the joy of family, missing her mom, Stef, and her anticipation of the celebration coming SCLT, October 3, 2015. You don’t want to miss it!
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Listen to Maddie’s interview on WTVN right here:

SCLT Auction of the Heart: Jaguar 1969 XKE

By: Susan Owens, 09/20/2015

Bruce Hooley, Stefanie Spielman’s long-time friend, ESPN’s host on 850 WKNR, and author of That’s Why I’m Here: The Chris and Stefanie Spielman Story was interviewed Saturday on 610 Radio. He talked about the very early days of the SCLT party, saying it “started as a fun party.”

Bruce also gave us the first details about the latest item in the SCLT Auction of the Heart, a Jaguar 1969 XKE, appraised at $85,000 – $95,000, generously donated by, Merion Village Dental and Vesha Law Firm. In the words of Mederski Vintage Service Appraisers, the car is:

“Absolutely impeccable, freshly restored E-type Jag. It is top of the class driver condition.”

For more information on the car and how to bid, please go to Auction Ohio


STEF’S CELEBRATE LIFE TAILGATE Celebrating FIVE years – October 3, 2015

Bidding will end on Oct 3rd during the auction.

Listen to Bruce’s interview right here:

Tickets are going fast! Get your tickets here so that you can take advantage of the SCLT fun, and place your bid on the items in the Auction of the Heart.

Top Sail Vacation Home: Auction Details for 2015 SCLT Tailgate

By: Susan Owens, 09/09/2015

Join us on Saturday, October 3, 2015 to place your bid on this Top Sail Dream Vacation Home:

Get Your Tailgate  Tickets Here, there is a limited supply!

This beautiful eight (8) bedroom home, that sleeps 16 adults, is the perfect get-away.

This is a private home in North Topsail Beach, North Carolina and is not available for rent.

In addition to the home sitting on the beach and all the views, it has a private pool, hot tub and many other amenities.

This unforgettable week and lifetime of memories is valued at $12,500.

We will start the bidding at $5,000.

Top sail is approximately 9.5 hours by car from Columbus or 620 miles.

There are two black-out dates:  June 28 – July 13 and July 30 – August 7

The 2015 T-Shirts Are Here

By: Susan Owens, 08/26/2015

Here’s your chance to start, or add to, your collection of Stef’s Celebrate Life Tailgate T-shirts. The 2015 t-shirt is ready, and available for you to purchase. We’ve made it easy for you to purchase them online, just click here to get your t-shirts for this year’s tailgate, and get your tickets for the October 3, 2015 event.

Tickets and T-Shirts have a limited supply!


Stef’s Celebrate Life T-Shirt 2015


Stef’s Celebrate Life T-Shirt 2015

The SCLT July 4th Float Embraces The Heart of Family

By: Susan Owens, 07/09/2015

While the floats may be the heart of the parade, the Upper Arlington Civic Association annual parade has been the heart and soul of the family-centered July fourth celebration since 1933.

In 2006, the Spielman family led the parade, and this year, SCLT entered its first ever float in the parade.

This year’s float is an invitation for this year’s event on October 3, 2015.

Get your tickets here. Get your tickets here.