Today Is The BIG GIVE!

By: Susan J. Owens, 10/10/2017

Tuesday, October 10 – Wednesday, October 11, 2017.
The Columbus Foundation has a bonus pool of $1.3 million available for local nonprofits. All donations made during the 26-hour period will receive a pro rata portion of this bonus pool!

Gifts made via credit card can be made online anytime during the 26-hour giving period. The Columbus Foundation pays the credit card fees. So 100% of your gift goes to continuing Stefanie Spielman’s mission to find a cure for breast cancer.

Check it out, here.

Tailgate Lineup! What To Expect on September 30, 2017

By: Susan J. Owens,

Party Starts @ 6:30

(Get Tickets Here!) 

  • SWAGG Live Band starts the party, along with a special appearance by  The Ohio State University Cheerleaders
  • Check out the list of food vendors we have lined up here — along with wine, beer and drinks for the kids  
  • Children’s Area Opens:  Bounce Houses, Columbus Futsal, Face Painting, Gourd Painting, Popcorn, Snow cones and Lawn Games and next — 

7:30 Game Time!


  • Never miss a play with big Screen TVs located around the party

Half Time

  • Live Auction and Auction of the Heart Begins
  • Words from our special honorary guest, Teri Strahine, of Teri’s Ta Tas
  • Maria Durant – Reporter WSYX -TV Channel 6
  • Dr. William B. Farrar – Director, Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center
  • Kim Dennis — SCLT Board President, Recognizes the Fleming Family from Superior Beverage
  • Maddie Spielman – SCLT Board Member and daughter of Chris and Stephanie Spielman

Second Half

  • Game Continues
  • SWAGG Performs Live
  • Coffee and Donuts

Thank you for attending!

Watch SWAGG Bring Down the House At 2017 SCLT

By: Susan J. Owens, 09/18/2017

SWAGG will be rocking out Stef’s Tailgate this year!


Don’t miss Ohio’s premiere Top 40 cover Band with hits from Usher to Rage Against the Machine.
Band Starts at 6:30! Get Your Tickets Here! 

Help Us Meet Our $1 Million Mark: Purchase Goals for 2017

By: Susan J. Owens, 07/20/2017

Over the last 7 years with the generosity of supporters like you, Stef’s Celebrate Life Tailgate has vigorously pursued Stef’s vision to purchase technology for the Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center that will diagnose breast cancer earlier.  This year, we’re asking for a miracle. Help us raise double the amount of what we raised last year and SCLT will officially have hit The Million Dollar Mark!

When The James and Stef’s Center asked for us to choose one of these pieces of equipment we
simply couldn’t decide. We’re committed to a record-breaking fundraising year so we can buy all
three, and hope that you’ll commit with us!

These three pieces of advanced technology are currently not available anywhere else in Central
Ohio. Please join us in helping to ensure that breast cancer patients have access to these vital
advancements in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment and also get diagnosed earlier:


  • Real-time imaging system with specimen verification that can
    possibly make same-day biopsies a reality
  • Just received FDA Approval in March 2017, making Stef’s Center
    one of the first to offer this technology in Central Ohio
  • With the potential to reduce procedure time by up to 25%,
    will improve workflow, productivity and reduce the number of
    technologists needed for biopsies

  • Increases accuracy of breast cancer detection, by using a drug to target areas where cancers are growing
  • Provides the ability to evaluate difficult to interpret ultrasounds and mammograms
  • Reduces procedure time from a 45-minute- MRI, down to 8 minutes
  • Can be combined with Stef Center’s existing tomosynthesis (3D mammography) machine, which we purchased in 2012, for more accurate detection
  • Serves as a potential substitute for patients who need, but cannot undergo a breast MRI, and for those with dense breasts
  • With only one other center in Ohio offering this technology, Stef’s Center will be the only one in Central Ohio to offer this technology

  • Laser lights significantly improves targeting of prone radiation therapy
  • MRI-guided positioning ensures precise patient positioning that can be replicated on radiation therapy treatment machines
  • Stef’s Center will be one of only five in the nation to have this therapy.